IPRN International Premium Rate Numbers Service

What Premium Rate Numbers
can be used for?

Premium rate numbers are charged at a higher than the regular call rate. They are used by content providers to receive calls from end users and promote their services in whatever region they’re interested in.

We provide a full range of International Premium Rate Numbers, Inbound SMS Numbers, Hosted Services, Micro Billing Solutions and Value Added Services to increase profit of your voice and data applications.

Micropayment Solution For Your Business

Premium Rate Numbers can be used to charge end users for a wide range of services and content via their phones. Typical application areas for Premium Rate Numbers include:

  • TV call-ins, TV, radio and online games and shows
  • Customer helplines, directory enquiries or technical support lines
  • Recorded information lines or text alerts, such as news, sports or traffic updates and horoscopes
  • Virtual chat services
  • Mobile ringtones, videos, images and game downloads
  • Voting or competitions by phone, text or via the red button on your TV remote
  • Charity text donations

Trying Hard To Meet Your Demand

We deliver a unique platform for customer billing through all our services. Access and payout terms on different International Premium Rate Numbers vary from country to country. To find out which solution is best for you — call our test numbers.

We provide solutions for call-centers, webmasters, users at offices and individuals and continually work to develop new offers and tools.