1. What is International Premium Rate Numbers?

    International Premium Rate Numbers or Premium Rates Numbers are mobile and fixed line numbers which are being charged at a higher rate to profit and make various services accessible via phone, including micropayment solutions. These solutions are also called Audio Text Services, IPRN, PRS, and revenue sharing numbers.

  2. Who can use these numbers?

    Anyone can use the numbers either an Individual, Company, Content Provider, Call Centers, Promoters etc.

  3. From where the numbers can be called?

    IPRN can be called from anywhere in the world depending on the access. It needs to be noted that International Premium Rates Numbers cannot be called from the same country.

    Example: if the number is French, then the calls from France are not allowed.

  4. How To Check the Access to Premium Numbers?

    We have a special page to check the access, it’s called Test Panel. Here you can find all the test numbers from all the available premium rate number ranges. You can check live access, historical statistics, periodic stats, etc.

    On the Test Panel you need to dial your desired number and you’ll hear our voice message or see your call in ACTIVE CALLS. This means that you are successfully connected. The other way to check which destinations have access from your country and operator is from the Check Access page in your account after your login.

  5. Do all numbers work in all countries?

    No, different Premium Rate Numbers offer different access from different countries. The best way to find out is to call the test numbers. We provide updated access lists for most of our terminations. Contact us and we will assist you to find the best working solution for your business.

  6. How can I get the International Premium Rate Numbers?

    It’s very easy, all you need to do is register on www.purple-numbers.com. After login you can get to Order Numbers and order numbers to use them. The numbers will reflect in “Numbers”. Yes, it’s that easy.

  7. What are the charges for Premium Numbers?

    All the numbers on Purple Numbers are absolutely free of cost.

  8. How to start working with Purple Numbers?

    First of all you need to complete the registration process and fill out all the required information. After that you will receive a confirmation link in your email, follow that link to confirm your email ID.

  9. How many destinations / ranges can I call?

    You can call as many destinations as you want. There is no maximum limit.