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Purple Numbers - Premium Rate Numbers

Purple Numbers - Best Premium Rate Numbers

We offer a full range of international premium rate numbers to make your voice and data applications pay. Premium rate numbers are usually phone numbers which are charged at a higher rate than normal. These types of phone number are usually used in business to provide people with a service, be it specialist or otherwise. Providers use these numbers as micro-payment solutions which are then charged to end users for a wide range of services and content such as for quiz shows, horoscopes, TV call-ins, live chats,TV Shows, TV Games,Radio Games, Radio Shows or any other Content Provider plus a whole host of other services.

Typical types of premium rate services include:

• Specialist helplines, such as customer helplines, directory enquiries or technical support lines.

• Recorded information lines or text alerts, such as news, sports or traffic updates and horoscopes.

• Virtual chat services you sign up to.

• Mobile ringtones, videos, images and games downloads.

• Voting or competitions by phone, text or through the red button on your TV remote.

• Charity text donations.

We deliver unique platform for customer billing solutions for all our services. Different Premium Rate Numbers offer different access and payouts from different countries. The best way to find out which solution is best for you is to call our test numbers. We provide updated access lists for most of our terminations. We provide solutions for call centers, webmasters, small home and office users. Our company continually works on new offers to bring you the best solution in the market for each country, the best payout solution, and on time payments to ensure your cash flow. We will listen to your needs and find the most exciting solution for you. Contact us and we will assist you to find the best working solution for your business model.


PURPLE NUMBERS is a company powered by many years of experience in the premium rate industry. PURPLE NUMBERS are recognised as one of the market leaders in the Europe and have the experience and skills necessary to provide you with a premium rate solution for your business. PURPLE NUMBERS offers a wide range of international premium rate numbers to make your voice offering profitable and provides you with real time payment information. Our company is continuously working on new offerings to bring you the best solution on the market for each country, the best payment solutions, and payments on time to ensure your cash flow. We are partners across the globe allowing us to offer you premium rate and other numbers in every country that are available at the moment and, we have built a solid relationship for paying clients on the time with the best possible rates, our payment cycle are daily and hourly on the premium rate numbers used. We can help include looking together as to the best premium rate solution for market advertising campaigns as well as providing a bespoke IVR application available in a number of different languages. We offer a wide range of terminations and IVRs for all your needs. Whether this is your first step into the premium rate industry or if you are currently with another provider and looking to improve your rates of revenue and customer service please don't hesitate to contact us today - We can help with all areas of concern, including promotional copy advice and design, through to helping with regulatory concerns and issues. PURPLE NUMBERS boasts some of the Highest Revenue Share Payments for premium rate services in the industry, without compromising the quality of service, speed of setup, payment terms or account management.


• How are the calls delivered?

PURPLE NUMBERS operates one of the technically most advanced premium rate global international switching and termination platforms. Calls are connected to International Points-Of-Presences (IPOP), where they are either terminated onto our IVR equipment (to an existing service, in a sound file we maintain, or on a service one that our IVR technicians model for us), Internet Modems, or internationally forwarded to your own target destination numbers. We can also route the calls to PSTN's for which a nominal routing fee is charged. IPOP are located in the Frankfurt am Main, Germany. For service providers wishing to offer premium rate internet connectivity, our global IP network can terminate your premium rate call directly onto the internet at the IPOP.

• Is there any online access provided by you?

Yes, there is an exclusive online portal provided to each and every client. The online portal portrays the details such as the list of all the numbers allocated to them, historical statistics, real time and a live statistic that shows every call that could be seen.

• How can I start working with you?

For getting the number(s), you can follow these steps:

1. After log in to, on the right side of the panel, please click "REGISTER" Panel.

2. After that please fill all fields in form "USER ACCOUNT".

3. Then click on the purple letters "CREATE NEW ACCOUNT" on the bottom side.

4. It will appear Number Request: Step 1, here you can select the Group Number, that you want to take.

5. After chose the Group Number, you may select the Payout Term.

• Will I have to sign a contract with you?

In the form you have to fill out you have to accept our General Conditions. That is all. Also you can upload a copy of an ID (i.e. a passport). Otherwise our staff will ask you to send a copy of your passport (or another picture ID) before we do the first payment.

• Why do I have to send an ID?

In Europe companies have to know their customers in order to prevent money laundering. Having your account number and your passport ID is the very minimum we have to ask of you.

• How often is the payment made by our solution?

There are different payment cycles and rates for different countries. Detailed information can be obtained by viewing our rate card. Payments are either weekly, monthly or even forty five days from end of first month.

• Why are these solutions offered to so many countries?

We are have direct relationships with several Tier1 carriers all around the world which allows us to have so many different terminations. We are always looking for new terminations and opportunities in the telecom world.

• What is the minimum amount before transfering the payouts?

Minimum amount for bank wire transfer is 300 EUR/USD and 300 EUR/USD for PayPal.

• What will happen if I can't reach the minimum limit?

There is no problem. We will add your amount to your next payment term so for example if you work on daily basis and you make $100 the first day they will be added to the amount of your next day traffic or until you reach $300. After that your payment will be made.

• How do you transfer money?

We are paid corresponding to the volume of minutes you send to your numbers according to the fixed rate indicated in the contract. If, for some reason, you don't manage to generate any minutes on your numbers, you don't pay anything. For example: payment terms 7/1(+/-2) days - it means you will get paid after 1 day when you finish your weekly work. Daily, Weekly, Bi-Weekly or Monthly Payments. Mode of payment: we transfers the funds to its clients by Bank Wire transfer or cash pick up by PayPal.

• How can I find which destination work from my country and operator?

One way to do this is to call the test numbers.When you hear our voice message or see your call in ACTIVE CALLS this means that you are successfully connected. The other way to check which destinations have access from your country and operator is from the ACCESS page in your account.

• How many destinations can I call?

You can call as much as possible destinations you want. There is no maximum limit.

• Do all numbers work in all countries?

No, different Premium Rate Numbers offer different access from different countries. The best way to find out is to call the test numbers. We provide updated access lists for most of our terminations. Contact us and we will assist you to find the best working solution for your business model.

• I want to resell your numbers. Is that possible?

• Do you operate only in office hours?

No, our services are offered 24 x 7 to the clients. So we would be available to our clients through Skype, MSN, Gmail, Phone and Email.